Heathrow Pod at T5

By | September 22, 2013

As part of London Open House we visited the Heathrow Pod, the world’s first commercially operational Personal Rapid Transit system from business parking to T5.

Station AIt wasn’t on our list of stations to visit but it was pretty fun! We had a tour of the control room before a trip on the Pod to T5 and back. As you can imagine the toddler loved having his own personal pod to travel around in and had LOTS of questions.

Station A (1)Then it was on to Kempton Park Water Treatment Works, a 1928 industrial cathedral housing 2 triple expansion steam engines and 2 steam turbines. The building was amazing, well worth a visit, especially when the steam in switched on.

We love Open House weekend, can’t wait to visit some more places next year! Lots of fresh air was had by all and the toddler insisted on wearing his welly boots so we’re linking up with Country Kids.

2 thoughts on “Heathrow Pod at T5

  1. Nanny

    Looks like he loves his yellow wellies – and LS looks pretty in her all-in-one………….what a great day out……………xxxxx


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