Ghost ice cubes

By | October 14, 2013

We’re on a Halloween roll here, with seasonal crafts being churned out on a hourly basis. Perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration but there’s something so lovely about this time of year; kicking leaves as you walk down the street, crafting with pine cones and conkers, cooking with seasonal vegetables and the promise of fireworks just makes me feel content with life!

We’ve been trying out lots of simple Halloween crafts. The toddler loves to know why and how things work so we made some fun spooky ghost ice cubes which helped us talk about water and freezing.

ghost ice cubes

You can use an ice cube tray but we chose small silicon cupcake cases. We filled them half full with water and placed them on a tray in the freezer. After a couple of hours the toddler chose some googly eyes, placed them on the frozen water and topped up each case with more water.


The children had great fun playing with them. They took them out of the cupcake cases, placed them in a large bowl and watched them melt. They added water and it all got quite messy and wet!

The ghost ice cubes look great in drinks too but obviously we just looked at them as I didn’t want my children drinking googly eyes!

ghost ice-cubes

3 thoughts on “Ghost ice cubes

  1. Nanny

    Seeing one of those in the bottom of your glass would give a real Halloween fright………what a great idea………..xxxxx

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