A play date with Little Tikes

By | November 21, 2013

Little Sis and I were invited to the Little Tikes Play Date to learn all about the four play personalities that they feel children may take on during their development: Little Learners, Little Movers, Little Builders and Explorers and finally Little Grown-ups.

Little Sis was able to play with a huge range of Little Tikes toys. The Picnic on the Patio Playhouse was a big hit with her. She was very busy making lunch, before the real lunch was served!

Little Tikes play date1The Ultimate Cook Kitchen was also lots of fun.

Little Tikes play date2

She loved the Crazy Coupe although I had to do all the hard work pushing her around!

Little Tikes play date3

Thank goodness a very special visitor came along to read a story and give mummy a break from all that playing.

Little Tikes play date4

Then it was home on the train and a special ticket for a special tired girl.

special train ticket

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