Pimp my ride

By | December 13, 2013

As well as play dough both children love their micro scooters. We have to take them every where, especially the nursery run. They are so popular that it was hard to differentiate between ours and everyone else’s. The other day we popped to our favourite ‘red and white shop’ (otherwise known as John Sanders) to pimp our scooters with some funky coloured sleeves.

hand made tee

Little Sis chose pink fairies and her brother chose a really gharish psychedelic pattern. They’re really happy with them. Big Brother has been requesting a bell for his (like his school friends have) so it’s lucky that Father Christmas has made a mental note of his request 🙂

Little Sis is happily modelling her new tshirt made by me. She had her first Christmas party at nursery and they were supposed to wear fancy dress but she’s not big on dressing up yet. Instead I made her a festive tshirt and I thought she looked pretty cute.

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