Butter wouldn’t melt

By | January 31, 2014

I got my camera out today and I think you can tell by today’s photograph.


Every time we pop to the shops Little Sis fleeces me for something. A kinder egg, a Peppa Pig magazine, something. Yesterday she managed a Kinder egg, a Peppa Pig magazine, a pack of Freddo Frog chocolates and some toys from the charity shop. I need to toughen up but she clearly has me wrapped round her little finger.

Anyway, much of today was spent cutting and sticking pictures from the Peppa Pig magazine. She took a fancy to the free gift which was this cute pirate hat and I managed a couple of photographs even though she saw my camera and kept running away.

This is the nicest photograph I’ve taken all week and is my photo for this weeks’ project365.


7 thoughts on “Butter wouldn’t melt

  1. Nanny

    Impossible to resist that dear little girl………you’ll save a fortune when she goes to school……..xxxxx


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