A little gardening

By | March 13, 2014

My 3 year old had a list of things he wanted to do today. After some painting, cutting, glueing and sticking the next thing was gardening. I totally blame his nanny for this but she seems to have inspired him to grow things.

We started off with sunflower seeds and he was happy collecting stones for the bottom of his pots, adding the soil, pressing the seeds down and watering them. He kept finding more and more pots so hopefully some of the seeds will grow.

planting sunflowers

Then we moved on to cress. We picked up some great ’50 things themed’ kids lunch boxes when we visited Hughenden Manor a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately they didn’t contain the cress seeds so we bought some at the weekend. The ‘inside out’ bag was packed with activities and when we’d finished with it we gently opened it up and cut along the lines. Then my son coloured the picture in, we added damp cotton wool balls and sprinkled the seeds over the top.

planting cress

We’ve placed the cress box on the windowsill in our kitchen. It’s a very sunny spot so I’m also hopeful that we will soon see some results.

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