Big Brother turns 4

By | March 18, 2014

Today Big Brother turned 4. He was very excited but only woke up at 6.50am! We all went downstairs to see what the Birthday Bunny had left.

birthday Collage

He was very excited to see a bike from nanny and also received Lego Flo’s V8 Cafe (which was top of his list), a Cars Micro Drifters carry case, Propwash Junction, Playmobil truck and lots of books, cars and planes.

He spent the morning playing with his new toys and after nursery he went to try out his new bike with daddy.


After a birthday tea of pizza (his choice again!) we had a very special birthday cake featuring Lightning McQueen.

Lightning McQueen cake

I think he had a pretty good day!

5 thoughts on “Big Brother turns 4

    1. jenny Post author

      Birthdays are bitter sweet, aren’t they? He was so very excited to be 4 and now seems quite grown up.

  1. Liska @NewMumOnline

    It does seem small you know. Can’t tell from pic, but I doubt if it is 16 inches.
    This is the trike we treated Aaron to because he rode around on it in the store and loved it so so much:

    and this is the bike we’d intended to buy, in the sense we went there for a 2 wheel pedal bike. Note this is half price at the mo and a gorgeous bike, but then nothing is as gorgeous as that trike above, it’s all chrome and shiny like a car.

    Anyway this is the half price bike we got that we now need to train him on after him having been on a balance bike for 10 months:

    Liska xx

  2. Slos Bob

    She seems likes she’s having a laugh within the previous few pix! My son started the use of his bike as well and won’t go out everywhere without it now.Birthdays are sharp sweet!!


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