How to bake a cake, by Little Sis, aged 2

By | March 31, 2014

Today Little Sis and mummy baked a delicious cake.

Little Sis shows how easy it was. You just mix the ingredients in a bowl.

baking 1

Don’t forget to taste it as you go along, you need to make sure it tastes just right.

baking 2

Taste it again, just to be sure.

baking 3

Mummy, there’s a bit at the bottom I just can’t reach.

baking 4

Time to decorate with yummy icing and Peppa Pig wafers

baking 5

Finished, look what I made!

baking 6

4 thoughts on “How to bake a cake, by Little Sis, aged 2

  1. Nanny

    …such a look of achievement on that dear little face……..hope the cake tasted good…………xxxx

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