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By | March 8, 2014

Despite the beautiful weather we spent much of the day shopping 🙂 The children were happy to visit the Disney Store and the Lego Shop which seem to be their two favourite shops at the moment.

lego shop

My little man turns 4 this month so we had a very hard job explaining that he couldn’t have a toy today. Unfortunately he’s not great on patience just yet but hopefully he will be excited when he opens his presents.

I was treated to one of the new Lego Mixels – Teslo. Priced only £2.99 I thought it was a great bargain for so many pieces of Lego. It took minutes to put together and looks great with our Minifig collection.

lego mixels

Basically Lego has partnered with Cartoon Network to create the new line of Lego Mixels toys and a series of Lego Mixels cartoon shorts. There are currently nine different polybag sets in Series 1 featuring three characters each from three different groups. There’s the yellow group (the Electroids: Lego Mixels Zaptor 41507, Lego Mixels Teslo 41506 and Lego Mixels Volectro 41508), the red group (the fire-themed Infernites Mixels), and the black group (the Mixels Cragsters).

lego mixels

The best thing about the Mixels, aside from the fact they are properly articulated, is that if you buy all three sets in a group the pieces can be combined to create larger monsters.

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