Mummy’s day off

By | April 27, 2014

Today was mummy’s day off. As a full time stay at home mum it’s hard to have time to myself. I had booked myself on an afternoon sewing course and with travel time included meant I had a day to myself! I packed the latest BritMums Book Club book and headed to the tube for a trip to town and a lovely afternoon of learning some new sewing techniques.

The children spent a happy day with daddy. Their first stop was B&Q, a family favourite where Little Sis was happy to try out all the switches.


Oops, looks like she was doing that not so long ago!

Then it was back home for a little DIY and some baking with those new Hello Kitty cupcake cases and some computer games.


Daddy, you do such a good job perhaps you should let me have days off more often!

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