Paper plate weather station

By | April 29, 2014

My 4 year old loves attending nursery. The nursery is part of our community primary and I’m amazed how much he’s changed and grown since starting there last September. From being my shy little boy he’s now incredibly confident. He loves to share what he’s learnt with his little sister and us and I’m happy to reinforce what he’s learning in the classroom at home.

Every day at school they talk about what day it is and the weather, it’s his obsession at home too so I thought we could make him his own weather station. He enjoyed it so I thought we would share how we made it here.

You will need:
a paper plate
coloured paper
cotton wool
a wooden peg

We decided to have four different areas, one for sunshine, rain, cloud and snow. First of all draw two lines across the plate, dividing the plate into four equal parts. From the coloured paper cut out a sun for sunshine, an umbrella for rain, a snowflake for snow and glue one in each of the quarters. Stick a cotton wool ball in the final quarter  for snow.  I wrote the weather next to each image.

paper plate weather station (1)

I cut out a small arrow which we glued to the back of a wooden peg to use as a marker. You just need to look outside and decide what the weather is doing and move your peg to the right quarter. A very easy paper plate weather station!

paper plate weather station


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