A ride on the train

By | May 27, 2014

With Little Sis safely ensconced at nursery her brother and I decided to go and have our own adventures. We headed to Pinner. Ok, so it’s not the most exciting place in our corner of London but we had to be back by 1 to pick Little Sis up.

We enjoyed looking round the shops. Big Brother is pretty good at finding things in charity shops and came away with a selection of Cars books, CDs and sticker albums. As we were about to head home we thought we’d take the tube as we so rarely travel on it during term time. We walked to Pinner Station which we last visited almost a year ago.

It felt strange getting on a train going in the wrong direction but we changed at Harrow-on-the-Hill where we discovered major delays on the Met line. This meant there was plenty of time to take some photos for our London Underground challenge.

at the tube

We found one of the 270 black and white enamel artworks by the artist Mark Wallinger. It’s not a maze but a labyrinth and they are numbered according to the route taken on the 2009 record breaking Tube Challenge.

We waited a while, long enough for Big Brother to spell out the name of the station (he loves to spell and sounds out words at the moment!).

at the tube

Fortunately an Uxbridge train did turn up eventually and we made it back in time to pick up Little Sis.

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