Lego play on the Lego table

By | May 9, 2014

Our Lego table is getting lots of use lately. Big Brother loves to build either a garage or a control tower and hardly varies from the two.

lego table

Funnily enough Little Sis never gets a chance to choose what to build. If she did I expect she would ask for a house for Peppa Pig or her Disney Princesses. Every afternoon Big Brother makes me promise that I won’t let his sister play with his Lego construction!

lego play

The only problem with having a Lego table is that it takes up a lot of room, especially when there are several storeys on Lego buildings on it!

lego table

2 thoughts on “Lego play on the Lego table

  1. Nanny

    LS will soon take her revenge if he takes her Lego as well…………

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