A day in the deep dark woods

By | June 8, 2014

Early this morning we headed out for the day. Our first stop was Wendover Woods and the Gruffalo Activity Trail.

Gruffalo trail

We followed the trail around the woods, spotting Snake, Owl, Fox and the Gruffalo. Just yesterday a new wooden sculpture of the Gruffalo was unveiled and we were very excited to see it.

Gruffalo trail

There was also plenty of time for building dens, climbing trees and exploring the woods.

Gruffalo trail

Both the children loved playing in the woods.

Gruffalo trail

Little Sis wore her brothers Gruffalo tshirt, which he has graciously given her, and took her mini Gruffalo with her.

Gruffalo trail

Our day didn’t end there though. After our picnic (and Gruffalo Crumble Cupcakes) we drove up to Ivinghoe Beacon to admire the view, then on to the Natural History Museum at Tring. A rather lovely but exhausting day out in the sun!


3 thoughts on “A day in the deep dark woods

  1. Nanny

    What a great day out – lots of adventures and a picnic on a glorious day – love the hats and the plasters on LS’s knees………xxxxx

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