Our 2014 Summer Bucket List – 20 fun things for pre-schoolers

By | June 26, 2014

Last year we had our first Summer bucket list – a list of fun things we wanted to enjoy over the summer holidays. We had so much fun we’re going to do it again this summer. We’ve brainstormed 20 fun ideas which will keep us busy and hopefully create some lovely memories. I thought I would share it on my blog in case it inspires anyone else to make one.

Summer bucket list - treading on lego

2014 Summer Bucket List – 20 things for pre-schoolers

Go to the Lido
Feed the ducks
Go on a picnic
Have a BBQ at home
Pick our own fruit
Visit the local farm
Have a water fight in the garden
Complete the Parragon Gold Book Challenge
Go out for ice cream
Go out for breakfast
Go to the cinema
Fly a kite
Make mud pies
Scavenger hunt in the woods
Have a puppet show/make a puppet theatre
Cross off some more stations on our London Underground Challenge
Go to the Balloon Fiesta in Bristol
Visit the Science Museum
Create some wild art
Play pooh sticks

Summer bucket list - treading on lego

We actually made our bucket list so the children are able to see it and pick out an activity themselves. I used a small bucket from Baker Ross and wrote each activity on a craft stick. The children have been enjoying looking through them and the 4 year old can pick out enough words to even tell me which ones he wants to do first!

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