Let’s go fly a kite

By | August 6, 2014

Today we decided to stay local and spent the morning at Warminster. There’s a lovely Lake Pleasure Park which is perfect for playing with our model boats.

In the afternoon we went up to Bratton Camp and flew our kites. It was very windy so there were lots of people up there. We all enjoyed it and managed to tick off Fly a kite from our list of #50things. We treated ourselves to an ice-cream but sadly that’s not on the list 🙂


When we got back to nanny’s we played with our latest LegoDuplo set, the LegoDuplo Batcave Adventure. It’s a great set which both the children have been enjoying.

Enter the Batcave and get ready for some exciting adventures! Park the Batwing and get to work with all of the amazing Batman gadgets, but watch out – Catwoman is sneaking about! Help Batman quickly down the slide to capture her. Your child will develop creativity and building skills with this iconic, easy-to-build set featuring lots of extra bricks for extended play. Fire the imagination with endless super hero role play opportunities. Includes Lego Duplo Batman and Catwoman figures.

legoduplo batcave adventure

I have an extra set to giveaway so watch out for my Batcave Adventure giveaway soon!

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