Frozen sensory play

By | September 13, 2014

After a morning spent shopping we came home and the weather was so warm we played outside. I had previously frozen some water in a star mould, adding glitter and a splash of blue food colouring. Yesterday the children helped me put their Frozen figures into some plastic bags, then filled them with water before carefully placing them in the freezer. We were all ready for some Frozen sensory play.

Frozen sensory play - treading on lego

My children love playing with water so were very happy when I suggested we get the Frozen toys out of the freezer so we could watch them melt in the warm weather. First we popped out the stars onto the tuff spot.

IMG_6645Then the figures were removed out of their plastic bags.

IMG_6647The children were happy to handle the huge  chunks of ice until their fingers got cold.

IMG_6644They tried helping the thawing process along with sponges.

IMG_6646Then we poured some warm water into jugs to help them speed it up.

IMG_6650 Finally the figures were free and they were able to play with them in the blue water, along with the glitter.

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  1. Mummy's Blog

    Popping over from parenting pin party – I love this idea, have pinned to my Frozen board! x

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