A very warm Halloween

By | October 31, 2014

It was quite difficult to feel in the mood for celebrating Halloween when it was so warm. In the morning we visited the local library, dressed in our skeleton onesies, and took Nanny to one of our favourite cafes.IMG_7552The children were really excited about Halloween so in the afternoon we went to the local park so they could run off some of their amazing energy in the warm sunshine. The park was full of people.



When we got home we put our decorations up both inside and out. This year we ended up with 5 pumpkins, three were carved. We put one on the doorstep to make sure people knew they could come and knock on our door.

IMG_7567Then we waited for the Trick or Treaters to come round. Every time the door bell rang the children ran to the door to offer some sweets. They really enjoyed it and we even managed to take them Trick or Treating to a few neighbours’ houses too.


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