Chips for tea

By | October 6, 2014

The weather was Autumnal and pretty miserable today so we kept busy. After our usual Monday morning at the library we did some crafting at home, Little Sis and I made a kite.

IMG_6965When her brother got home from school we made moons from paper plates too as we’ve been reading a great book called Do You Speak English, Moon?

IMG_6972We definitely needed something to cheer us up at tea time and make us feel warm. Only one thing would do – McCain Smiles!

IMG_6978After a lovely meal the children were back to running around and having fun, just stopping for a quick cuddle (which they told me to photograph!).


Last month was British Food Fortnight and McCain kindly sent us vouchers so we could have chips for tea, we decided we liked Smiles more! Their delicious chips are made with 100% British potatoes. They’re proud of their Yorkshire roots (and tubers) and the strong relationships they have with generations of great British farmers.


2 thoughts on “Chips for tea

  1. Nanny

    I can see that LS will soon be giving Crafty Kirsty a run for her money xxxxx

  2. Carli

    I had to stop and say thank you for the big smile you put on my face – thank you. Such an adorable cuddle photo!


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