How to make a paper plate Christmas tree

By | November 21, 2014

Today we made simple sun catchers using paper plates which I thought I would share.

Equipment needed to make a paper plate Christmas tree sun catcher:
paper plate
coloured squares of cellophane
contact paper
hole punch

How to make a paper plate Christmas tree:

Cut out a tree shape from the center of a paper plate and cover it with a piece of contact paper.

paper plate sun catcherCut the cellophane squares into small pieces and place over the cut out Christmas tree.

paper plate sun catcherMake sure there aren’t any gaps! When you have finished cover the other side of the paper plate with contact paper, trim if necessary.

paper plate sun catcherPunch a hole in the top of the paper plate and thread with string to hang in the window.

paper plate sun catcher

6 thoughts on “How to make a paper plate Christmas tree

  1. Nanny

    What a lovely idea, and very effective, like a stained glass window……..well done, BB and LS…xxxx

  2. Loving life with little ones

    We have done something similar recently, my daughter had to decorate a bauble (paper plate) for the school fair competition, we cut out the middle and did the same thing with sweet wrappers and then made an angel with foam and wool to go on top of the wrappers, it looked good with the light coming through it. #letkidsbekids.
    Loving life with little ones recently posted..Our Christmas traditionsMy Profile

  3. WildFamilyFun

    What a lovely idea, we’re taking part in a childrens Xmas party at our local nursery and this is such a good idea. The children will love it and not to much mess so the teachers will be happy.


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