Little Sis turns 3

By | November 28, 2014

Little Sis turned 3 today. She enjoyed opening her presents, after she had re-arranged them according to the paper they were wrapped in.

birthday CollageUnsurprisingly she received lots of Frozen presents, a Sylvanian Families Tree House and new family, Paddington Bear and book and some My Little Pony’s too.

After her brother had gone to school we went off to Dinky Dancers and then took her out to lunch. Later on we all went to the cinema to see the new Paddington Bear film.

Paddington Bear filmOur final act of the day was to sing Happy Birthday and eat some birthday cupcakes.


One thought on “Little Sis turns 3

  1. Nanny

    What a busy day for our dear little three-year-old..happy birthday, LS……xxxx


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