Happy Christmas!

By | December 25, 2014

We had a lovely family day thanks to a visit from a very generous Father Christmas. The children were totally spoilt, with the 4 year old receiving a large collection of Planes Fire and Rescue vehicles, and the 3 year even more Sylvanian Families.

Last night we emailed NORAD to check Father Christmas knew we had some visitors:

When will Santa be over our house in London, UK. Also can you tell him auntie caca, Willow, Nanny and Bella the dog are here with us, so don’t go to their houses!

This was their reply:

I just had Santa on the phone with me, and I passed your message on to them, and you know what he told me? He said that he was already one step ahead of me and has their presents in his sleigh right next to yours? I couldn’t help but laugh at that, Santa is one nice guy. He says that he is planning to be at your house sometime between 10 PM and midnight, but he is not exactly
sure yet.
Merry Christmas from me and all of us here at NORAD.

Happy Holidays!!!

From NORAD Tracks Santa

Needless to say the children loved hearing this!


After some present opening there was a lovely walk around the Lido to build up an appetite for Christmas lunch.

IMG_8844There was sprout peeling.

IMG_8834And lots and lots of Lego building.

Lego building

The 4 year old received a Lego Cars 8484: Ultimate Build Lightning McQueen which Daddy and Auntie Caca helped to build. He also received Lego City 60035: Arctic Outpost and Lego City 60033: Arctic Ice Crawler which Mummy and Daddy helped to build. I think this might be a new Christmas tradition!


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