40092 Lego Reindeer

By | December 19, 2014

To celebrate a very busy day, and the end of term for Big Brother, we opened a special Christmas Lego set – 40092 Reindeer (with 139 bricks).

Christmas LegoDaddy very kindly made it with Big Brother and Little Sis.

40092 ReindeerThey were both pretty excited to make it, especially as you can change the present the reindeer holds – this meant both of them could make a present.

40092 lego ReindeerThis is a sweet seasonal Lego kit and one we’ll definitely be keeping him for this time of year.

One thought on “40092 Lego Reindeer

  1. Nanny

    Lego just gets better and better – I bet The Two really enjoyed working on this with Daddy….xxxx


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