Chinese lantern garland

By | January 12, 2015

Now the Christmas decorations are down we wanted to make some new pieces of art to hang around the house. With Chinese New Year around the corner we thought Chinese lanterns would be fun and made a sweet little garland of lanterns to hang in the window.

Chinese New Year lantern garland

Materials needed to make a Chinese lantern garland:
black card
contact paper
ribbon to string them together

How to make a Chinese lantern garland:

Draw and cut out a small Chinese lantern shape. This is quite fiddily so you may want to do this in advance – rather than with your 3 year old sitting next to you telling you to hurry up!

Chinese lantern garlandSet up an invitation to play with the lantern cut outs, cellophane pieces and contact paper.

Chinese lantern garlandI cut a strip of contact paper and placed each lantern cut out on top. Then my 3 year old had fun with the cellophane pieces, choosing her favourite colours and placing each one over the cut out. If you wanted you could cut the pieces of cellophane into smaller pieces but we chose to have one larger piece for each lantern.

Chinese lantern garlandWhen she had finished we placed another strip of contact paper over the top and I cut around each lantern. We then taped each lantern to a piece of ribbon and hung it up in the window.

Chinese lantern garland

5 thoughts on “Chinese lantern garland

  1. Carolin

    What a lovely little project. The garland would also make a cute little decoration for a kid’s bedroom…

    Thanks for linking up with Monday Parenting Pin It Party x


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