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By | January 24, 2015

Over the weekend I introduced Big Brother to Hexbug Havoc which is a free-to-play gaming app. It allows fans to experience and interact with their favourite micro robotic creatures in a whole new, daring way – perfect as a way to keep the little ones entertained.

He loves Hexbugs so I thought it would be interesting to see what he thought of them on the small screen. You choose your own nano V2 before exploring your way through endless horizontal tracks and vertical tubes filled with collectibles, power-ups, obstacles, and… enemy Hexbugs! Players need to travel fast and far to unlock new track pieces, complete missions, and confront electrifying surprises around each and every turn. You can navigate by swiping left and right, pick up points and try to avoid the obstacles in your way.

HEXBUG Havoc Twister Image

In addition to traversing the auto-generated race track, the fast-paced gaming experience includes a number of fun features, such as intuitive swipe and tap, jump controls, rewarding battle missions, and a wide-range of different tracks. This meant it was pretty easy for my 4 year old to master. He loves games where he can collect points and use them to buy things so he enjoyed playing it and I’ve spotted him playing it a couple of times so far.

Hexbug Havoc players can access the app through Game Center, challenge their friends, and post their scores to Facebook and Twitter. Hexbug Havoc can be played on any of the following devices: iPhone (4 or later), iPad (2 or later), iPad Mini, and iPod Touch (4 or later). It’s free to download.

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