A day at Killerton

By | February 17, 2015

Today we decided to head over to Killerton, a National Trust house and garden we have wanted to visit for a while. The sun was shining so we were happy there were lots of things to do outside. The children found so much to keep them entertained!

DSC_4143To be honest we didn’t find the house that interesting. The children had fun spotting the toy mice that had been hidden and I quite enjoyed the fashion exhibition but it’s not one of my favourite houses. I love seeing all kinds of rooms in stately homes but we didn’t get to see the kitchens, bedrooms or bathrooms which I often find more interesting than the library or music rooms.

DSC_4152We had a very delicious lunch in the restaurant.

IMG_9906But were very happy to head outside and explore the gardens. The children found lots of sticks to draw with on the footpaths.

IMG_9910We found giant redwood trees and did a scavenger hunt. We also found an ice house and a bears’ hut.

IMG_9914Someone felt a little tired from all the walking.

DSC_4178We were also pretty impressed with the beautiful cyclamens just by the chapel.

IMG_9917We had a lovely day out and hope we get to go back another day to explore the village.

One thought on “A day at Killerton

  1. Nanny

    Perfect weather for such a great day out. Those cyclamen are quite something when they grow like that, and such a welcome sight in the winter………xxxx


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