Easy Miffy dress up

By | March 3, 2015

My 3 year old loves Miffy. We’ve made Miffy biscuits, eaten a Miffy inspired bento lunch and today we’re sharing the fun we had playing dress up!

I used some pretty papers which I’ve been keeping for ages, it was lovely to finally have a reason to use them. I found a Miffy colouring sheet and then cut out the dress shape in as many coloured papers as I could.

Miffy dress upThen Little Sis came over to see what I had been doing. She was happy to see her favourite bunny.

She had fun looking at all the different dresses and choosing which one Miffy should wear.

Miffy paper craftOf course Little Sis couldn’t understand why she wasn’t allowed to glue the dresses on to Miffy! This would look great as some seasonal bunting so perhaps I’ll have to print out some more pictures of Miffy so she can glue the dresses on!

9 thoughts on “Easy Miffy dress up

  1. Nanny

    This should be designated World Miffy Week………….love the little dresses…..xxxx

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