Handprint Easter carrot craft

By | March 8, 2015

Today I’m joining in with a fun painting challenge hosted by Messy Little Monsters where bloggers from across the world are bringing you 35 different painting techniques for kids.

My children love nothing more than painting with their hands. We’ve tried everything from corks to flowers and paintbrushes but nothing beats the feeling of paint on fingertips! Today we are sharing painting with hands and hand print art!

Handprint Easter carrot craft

Equipment needed to make a handprint Easter carrot:
green paint
paint tray
paint brush
white card
orange tissue paper

How to make a handprint Easter carrot:

Painting with hands is so easy and fun and you need minimal equipment. First we covered the table with old newspaper as I know from experience how messy my children can be.

We decided to make an Easter card so poured a little green paint into a paint tray, then painted it on to my 3 year olds’ hand with a paint brush.

When her hand was evenly covered we carefully pressed it down on a sheet of white card to make it look like a carrot top. We did this a couple of times so we had a few different sheets to work with.

handprint carrotWe left the sheets to dry and the next day we drew a carrot shape underneath the handprint.

handprint paintingMy 3 year old covered the area with glue and added scrunched up pieces of orange tissue paper for the carrot. She loves using tissue paper and was very meticulous with her work.

handprint carrotShe loved making her handprint Easter carrot. Her brother made one too and he now wants to make more Easter decorations!


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