How to make Playmobil cress heads

By | March 26, 2015

We have quite a stash of Playmobil eggs and thought it would be fun to re-use them in some way. We’ve been wanting to grow cress for a while so thought we would combine the two to make Playmobil cress heads.

Playmobil full of cress

Equipment needed to make Playmobil cress heads:
Cress seeds
Cotton wool
Empty Playmobil eggs

growing cress in Playmobil eggsHow to make Playmobil cress heads:

First we torn the pieces of cotton wool into small pieces and placed it inside the Playmobil eggs.

planting cress in Playmobil eggsWe sprinkled water over the cotton wool.

planting cress seedsThen added the cress seeds.

planting cress seeds with kidsWe placed small clear plastic bags over each Playmobil egg and placed them in a warm spot to grow. After 48 hours they were already showing signs of growth so fingers crossed we will actually grow and eat our own cress this year.

Playmobil egg full of growing cress


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