Portrait painting

By | March 12, 2015

Little Sis proudly gave me some more hand made art today from her morning at nursery. She painted a beautiful portrait of me.

IMG_0468I think you’ll agree it’s an amazing likeness and I love it.

She had a great time at nursery and was full of beans as we walked through Manor Farm to the car. Today was the first time she let me pin back her hair so she could see properly. She’s looking really grown up – for a 3 year old.


3 thoughts on “Portrait painting

  1. Nanny

    Lovely portrait of Mummy. Yes, LS does look grownup with her hair back……xxxx

  2. Nanny

    Great portrait of Mummy and yes, LS is looking grown up on this photo……xxxx

    1. Nanny

      Sorry, I forgot I’d already made a comment. My brain hurts………xxxx


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