Using lego for simple name recognition

By | April 8, 2015

Today we are taking part in the Name Recognition & Writing Activities blog hop organised by Carla. We chose to use lego bricks as we love them and they have so many uses. We have a homemade lego table which is perfect for building and we used it for some simple letter recognition play today.

Using lego for simple name recognition

Using lego for simple name recognition

letter recognition with legoMy son has been busy learning his letters and sounds at school and is pretty confident with them. He used the lego bricks to write the first letter of his name on the lego table.

letter recognition with legoWhen he was happy with the shape of it he built the letter up with more bricks.

letter recognition with legoThen he decided he wanted to write his name so put two lego base boards together on the floor. This was a little trickier for him as he couldn’t decided whether to use capitals or small letters. He ended up with a mixture of the two, playing around with the size of letters until he could fit them all on the boards.

letter recognition with legoHis younger sister wanted to play too. She has been learning letters at nursery so we stuck to something simple. I drew the first letter of her name on a sheet of paper and let her choose a colour of bricks to place inside the letter.

letter recognition with legoI hope you like are simple activities using lego bricks for Name Recognition & Writing Activities. Don’t forget to check out some of the other participants in the blog hop.

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