Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds review

By | April 19, 2015

Did you know that Pistachio Nuts have been named as a top food trend for 2015? Pistachios are the perfect snack; a 30g portion of Pistachios equals approximately 49 nuts, which provides more nut pieces per serving than most other snack nuts, and a reduced portion of 30 Pistachios equals about 100 calories!

wonderful pistachios and almonds

We were sent a selection to try. Wonderful Pistachios are available in four delicious flavours; Sweet Chilli, Roasted Salted, Salt & Pepper and Roasted Unsalted. We mixed them all up and played Pistachio Roulette! The adults loved them and Big Brother seemed pretty happy to eat a few after we had showed him you weren’t supposed to eat the shell.

And if you need any persuasion, apparently the “Pistachio Principle” states that the consumption of in-shell Pistachios may help to slow eating when compared to shelled Pistachios because the left over shells may offer an important visual cue about the amount consumed.

Wonderful Almonds have all the superior quality and taste of a top 2015 nut too. With four varieties – Natural, Roasted & Salted, Blanched and Salt & Pepper – this versatile range is ideal for nibbling on.

I love blanched almonds and these don’t disappoint. I really like the idea of giving the children a healthy snack between meals and these are a great size for keeping in the cupboard or even my handbag. They’ve been really popular and I know I will be looking out for them at the supermarket.


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