Adding detail to our mud kitchen

By | May 24, 2015

A couple of weeks ago we made a mud kitchen for the children to play with. We recycled an old pallet and some planks of wood to make a simple structure with a work space and shelf to store utensils and equipment. It’s been a huge success but needed something to make it even better so today we added some detail and colour.

adding colour to a mud kitchen - treading on lego

Adding detail to our mud kitchen

We have lots of tins of Annie Sloan chalk paint so decided to add the word ‘KITCHEN’ to the top in Annie Sloan English Yellow using card stencils from Poundland. Yes, that’s my husband using one of the children’s paint brushes to apply the paint!

home made mud kitchenThen I painted the work top in Annie Sloan Paris Grey. Both were really quick to dry.

home made mud kitchenI thought it still needed a little something so we added four rings for the hob and a rectangle for the sink. These were painted in more of the Annie Sloan English Yellow and Barcelona Orange.

home made mud kitchenI love the finished mud kitchen and fortunately the children agree. They were excited to see the finished result and have been even happier to play outside with their painted mud kitchen.

home made mud kitchen - treading on lego

4 thoughts on “Adding detail to our mud kitchen

  1. Nanny

    Lovely equipment for the two – and made of mostly recycled materials too – very eco-friendly……..xxxx

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