DIY Shopkins shelving unit

By | May 23, 2015

Big Brother is obsessed with Shopkins at the moment. He loves buying them with his pocket money and has built up quite a collection. He also loves to Skype the family and show them his latest Shopkins! He has been watching a few YouTube videos about them and found a fun little DIY project he asked Daddy to help him with.

Big Brother wanted his own Shopkins shelves!

DIY Shopkins shelving unit

DIY Shopkins shelving unit

Daddy made him a miniature set of shelves from a sheet of foamboard (from Hobbycraft). He measured the largest Shopkin to get the measurements for the height and depth of each shelf and then decided how many shelves to add. It came together really quickly and he used a hot glue gun to keep each shelf in place.

how to store shopkins

Needless to say the 5 year old loved making something with Daddy and he’s had fun arranging his Shopkins on the shelves. Unfortunately it only holds about half his collection, and Little Sis wants one too, so it looks like Daddy will be making some more soon.

DIY Shopkins shelving unit - treading on lego

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  1. Nanny

    Very impressive, the Shopkins look good displayed like this…….xxxx

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