My Little Pony: A Canterlot Wedding

By | August 10, 2015

Little Sis recently received the latest My Little Pony DVD to review. My Little Pony: A Canterlot Wedding is out to own on DVD and Digital Download on the 17th August. The DVD includes 5 episodes: Hurricane Fluttershy, Ponyville confidential, MMMYstery on the Friendship Express, A Canterlot Wedding Part I and A Canterlot Wedding Part II.

My Little Pony: A Canterlot Wedding DVD

The land of Equestria is over the moon about the news of a royal wedding, but Twilight Sparkle is concerned that she was one of the last to know that it is her brother, Shining Armour, that will be marrying Princess Caelestia’s niece, Princess Cadance. Twilight Sparkle journeys to the capital of Canterlot with her friends to prepare for the wedding but is worried when she finds that Cadance isn’t behaving like the kind and caring pony that she grew up with and suspects that something is wrong. She tries to stop the wedding to save her brother’s happily ever after but comes up against dangerous magical powers, unveiling a major threat to Shining Armour and to Equestria…

The DVD also includes a couple of bonus features, including Pinkie Pie Old Timey Dancing and Colouring Sheets, and a pack of My Little Pony tattoos. The tattoos have been a big hit, as has the DVD!, and this is a great treat for the Summer holidays.

My Little Pony tattoo

Will the royal wedding run without a hitch? Can Twilight Sparkle save her brothers happy ever after? Find out when My Little Pony: A Canterlot Wedding arrives on DVD and Digital Download, 17th August.

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