A day of firsts

By | August 15, 2015

Today Little Sis attended her first ballet class. Unfortunately I had to attend the class with her, so it was my first ballet class in 30 years! This was her face before she went.


She actually loved the class and joined in with everything. She was able to pretend to be a little princess with a tiara and wand and did lots of pointy toes. Fingers crossed we will do this again soon.

After ballet we went shoe shopping for her first pair of school shoes. I think she quite enjoyed being fitter for her shoes, despite lots of unwanted help from her brother. She has a lovely pair of shoes and is now all ready to start nursery in September.


One thought on “A day of firsts

  1. Nanny

    Such a worried little face before her ballet class – good to know she enjoyed it. Rewarded with new school shoes, lucky girl………xxxx


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