Barons Charter sculpture trail in Salisbury

By | August 6, 2015

Today we wanted to pay a long overdue visit to Salisbury. As it happened the Barons Charter sculpture trail had started so we were able to walk around looking for some of the sculptures, we managed 13 out of the 25. They were all decorated by different artists and were very popular. Our favourite was definitely the Hello Kitty sculpture which was in a beautiful park, which meant the children were able to enjoy the playground and paddle in the stream.


We also enjoyed the amazing installation at the Cathedral as part of the Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Celebrations. Situated in the North Porch, and called Enlightenment, it is made up of around 6,000 points of light which are suspended from below the porch ceiling. The lights respond to people’s presence and the children really enjoyed the experience.

light installation at Salisbury Cathedral

One thought on “Barons Charter sculpture trail in Salisbury

  1. Nanny

    Lovely place, Salisbury, and so easy to walk around. The Barons’ Trail helps to keep children moving too…….xxxx


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