DIY Lego pencil holder

By | August 13, 2015

Over the summer holidays we’ve been doing lots of crafting. We’ve gone through our craft supplies, tidied everything up, and even made Little Sis her own crafting table in her bedroom.

It goes without saying that we’ve had fun with our Lego too. We thought it would be fun to combine our love of crafting with our overflowing boxes of Lego and make a DIY Lego pencil holder.

DIY Lego pencil holder

First we cleared our Lego table then went searching for all our red Duplo bricks. The 5 year old found a smallish base plate and started building a box of Duplo bricks on it.

DIY Lego pencil holder

It was fun and easy so he made another one from green bricks.

Then he decided we should try using Lego bricks. This took a bit longer so he used any coloured bricks he could find. When he had finished building the he went to find some pen and pencils to store inside them.

DIY Lego pencil holder

He took one to his room and gave another to his sister. We keep one downstairs and they are really bright and colourful to look at. This is a fun little activity which helps tidy up supplies and is also a great way to use up spare bricks.

DIY Lego pencil holder

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