Duck Tape Minion wallet

By | September 30, 2015

Little Sis and I made the mistake of popping into Hobbycraft this morning. It was a good mistake albeit an expensive one too. We stocked up on Halloween and Christmas crafts and couldn’t resist this Minion Duck Tape. We have a quite a stash of Duck Tape and made a simple pocket money wallet with it.

Duck Tape Minion wallet

Duck Tape Minion wallet

Minion Duck Tape

Take an A4 sheet of paper and cover one side with strips of the Minion Duck Tape. Turn the paper over and cover the other side with a contrasting colour of Duck Tape, Big Brother chose light blue. Trim any uneven edges with scissors.

Minion Duck Tape

We cut our A4 sheet into two equal parts so we could make 2 wallets. Place more Duck Tape along the top and bottom, Mini Duck Tape is good for this.

Fold the bottom up and the top down until you are happy with the proportions of your wallet.

Seal the short edges with more Duck Tape in a contrasting colour if possible.

To finish off your Duck Tape Minion wallet place a couple of velcro dots to keep your money safe.

Duck Tape Minion wallet

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