Hama bead Minecraft Creeper

By | September 16, 2015

Big Brother has recently discovered computer games. His favourite are  Mario Kart and Minecraft and he’s allowed to play one for 30 minutes a day. He spotted the hama beads today and decided he would like to craft with them.

At 5 years old he loves hama beads and likes to make up his own pictures. He thought he would make a hama bead Minecraft Creeper! He used the smallest peg board he could find, looked for black and green beads and started.

Hama bead Minecraft Creeper

It didn’t take him very long to finish off his Creeper. I ironed it on both sides to make sure the beads had fused. It has pride of place on his pinboard and I’m wondering what he will make next 🙂

Hama bead Minecraft Creeper

Pin for later!

hama bead creeper from Minecraft

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