Ruislip Fairy Village

By | December 22, 2015

We heard that some new people had moved into the neighbourhood so this morning we braved the weather to pay them a visit.

Ruislip Fairy Village

We found 13 little houses belonging to different fairies. The children loved running around trying to find all the houses. Each house had it’s own door, some had hand-painted signs, toadstools and other fairy essentials.

Ruislip Fairy Village

It is such a a lovely idea and makes a wonderful area for children to explore. Big Brother loved the Fisherman’s house most, which had shells around it.

Ruislip Fairy Village

We couldn’t find anywhere to leave a note but we will be back again soon with our letters.

3 thoughts on “Ruislip Fairy Village

  1. Nanny

    Someone has made a great job of this, it’s lovely for children to find.

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