Lego City Police Tyre Escape (60126)

By | March 21, 2016

You can probably imagine that Big Brother received a lot of Lego sets for his birthday. Over the weekend he built a couple including this little set one of his friends gave him –┬áLego City Police Tyre Escape (60126).

LEGO City Police Tyre Escape (60126)

It’s a sweet set that he made before bedtime and took him about 10 minutes. He doesn’t have many Lego City sets but I don’t think that will stop him having fun with this one.

He came home with 3 new badges from Beavers this evening. One was for the walk in the woods he took part in, there was one for Hobbies (he talked about his hobby of collecting Lego!) and he couldn’t remember what the third badge was for.

Beavers badges


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