Spending time in the fresh air

By | March 30, 2016

This morning we decided to take the Teignmouth Ferry over to Shaldon for a walk on the beach.


The children love the crossing even though it only takes a few minutes.


After a quick walk around Shaldon and the ferry back to Teignmouth, we headed to Dawlish. The children both remembered playing on the rides last year and wanted to go back. We bought them some tokens so they could go on this ride…


and have 10 minutes on the trampolines.


We had taken our frisbee with us so the children could carry on running around.


Then we stopped for another ice cream.


We went back to Teignmouth so the children could play on the beach. Their favourite game was playing on the beach and pretending to be mermaids!


Then they dug channels in the sand and poured sea water into them.


Another lovely sunset.


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