Collecting fairy mail from the fairy village

By | April 6, 2016

This morning my 4 year old decided she wanted to see if the fairies had replied to her letter. We headed down to hte Fairy Village. Both children love to visit the fairy village and run around like mad things looking to see if anything has changed. There was no time for pooh sticks today. Their first stop was the Washer Womans’ house.

fairy door

They ran from door to door and I could barely keep up with them! We all admired this pretty door with purple flowers.

fairy door

And this little one.

fairy door in tree

Another fairy door in the bottom of a tree.

fairy door in tree

There ‘s a large tree in the centre of the Fairy Village where the mail is left and collected. Some naughty person had thrown one of the tins in the river but luckily the other mail box was still there. Little Sis eagerly looked through the letters, looking for the first letter of her name as she can’t quite recognise her name yet. She was so happy to see a letter for her and pocketed it to read later.

collecting fairy mail

We carried on exploring the village as she really wanted to see if her favourite door was there – the Fisherman one. We noticed that someone had left pennies on the doorsteps.

wooden door in tree

I love this purple door.

fairies welcome sign

Some of the doors had lot of decoration, this one had a flowerpot and toadstools too.

fairy house

There was even a Fairy Dust Maker, we loved the idea that fairy dust was made on site.

collecting fairy mail

It was lovely to see the village looking so good. There were other families hovering nearby and it’s lovely that so many people want to come and visit.

fairy door and toadstools

Sadly we couldn’t find the Fishermans house but we spotted 10 little doors today which kept the children really busy. We stopped for a few games of pooh sticks before heading home to open our fairy mail.

fairy door

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