Updating a room for the 6 year old

By | April 12, 2016

We seem to be in a never-ending quest to get this house as we want it. The 6 year old has a lovely bedroom but seemed to struggle with storage, or maybe this is just a nice way of saying he has far too many toys! Despite his homemade Lego table he needed more and I have spent lots of time looking for ideas online.

We were really pleased when we found clever beds with storage units underneath them. They seemed to offer the perfect solution as he would still have a lovely single bed but with a desk, bookcase and cupboards to help him keep his room tidy. Obviously we don’t have the only child who needs storage!

Anyway, we found a unit second hand, bought it and spent the week before his birthday building it! This probably wasn’t the best time but everything worked out well. The units were all moveable too so we were able to play around with the arrangement until we found the one that made sense in his room. At first he complained that I had put all his toys in the wrong place but now he’s had a few week to sort everything out his way he is really happy. This kind of unit means he has plenty of floor space to sit and play too. This set up should last him a good few years which means we will be able to start planning the other kids room in the house.

Despite having a brand new bed, the 4 year old has demanded a special bed with storage just like her older brother. She has a bigger bedroom so doesn’t need this kind of bed. Unfortunately she just doesn’t understand my logic so our compromise is re-decorating her room, possibly with a theme.

There are so many lovely ideas out there that planning these kinds of projects is no longer a chore. My only trouble is that there are so many ideas and I an only pick one! Let me know if you’re planning anything like this, I would love to hear your top tips.

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