Meeting the Clangers

By | May 21, 2016

This morning we headed to Kings Cross to meet Tiny and Small. He was able to ‘Call the Clangers’ via a pop-up pink knitted London phone box with a phone line straight through to his favourite little blue planet where he could guess the message that Major Clanger was whistling.


They were both given whistles!


The event was to promote The Clangers returning to CBeebies from Monday with 24 brand new episodes.


Then it was off to look for toy shops. We found a new-ish toy shop which both children loved looking round. Big Brother got to try on a Stormtroopers helmet.


He posed with C3P0 and Darth Vadar made from Lego.


And found R2D2 and some very colourful Stormtroopers. He was quite happy.

Big Brother the Stormtrooper

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