Decluttering with a 4 year old

By | September 22, 2016

Little Sis has been finishing early this week so we have been slowly working through her bedroom. You can barely see the floor so it has long been overdue a sort out. I tried to persuade her to give some of her unwanted toys to the charity shop but she’s not quite ready. Instead we sorted out her clothes drawers which were overflowing. We gave 27 tshirts to the charity shop! There were also lots of jumpers, dresses and trousers she had grown out of.

Then we got to work on her cuddly toys.


Most of these live in her bed (or underneath it).

We went through every single one but I have to admit the give away pile was very small. Only 5 went to the charity shop and the Peppa Pig ones are off to her baby cousin.


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