A trip to Swakeleys Park, Ickenham

By | February 19, 2017

Now the weather is getting slightly warmer it’s so lovely to be able to go out a bit more at weekends. Today we thought we would visit Swakeleys Park in Ickenham before swimming lessons. Big Brother wants to work towards his Cycling badge at Beavers so he spent the morning pumping up his tyres before we took it out.

Swakeleys Park is quite flat, perfect for cycling so Little Sis took her bike out too. She is super confident on her bike but we really need to work without the stabilisers.

After a cycle it was time to hit the park which has had a bit of a refurb since our last visit. We bumped into some friends from school too and the children had a lovely time.

But all too soon it was time to take the monkeys home and off to swimming.


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