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Our blog was set up in in March 2010 with the aim of recording our family and the places we love to go. We live in west London and have two young children, aged 2 and 3.

In January 2013 we set ourselves the challenge of visiting every station on the London Underground and we’re blogging about our journey. Feel free to follow our adventures and offer support along the way – the Underground is not buggy friendly to say the least!

toddler with tube map

If you would like to contact us or follow us on twitter please do! We also love to share our photos on Instagram and Pinterest, links are on the homepage.

13 thoughts on “About us

  1. Allison

    My name is Allison, I am part of Nuby UK . Nuby is interested in having you and your little one review Nuby products on your blog. Connecting with the online community is a big initiative this year at Nuby and we would like to be apart of your site!

    If you are interested please email at ajemes.luvncare@yahoo.com

    I hope to hear back from you soon!


  2. Angelika

    Hello Jenny,

    Congratulations on the nice blog you have. We are selling unique and personalized baby blankets, where you can have the baby's name, date and time of birth knitted. We think our products might be of interest to your readers. That is why we ask if you are interested in placing our ad on your page or organizing a contest for your readers. Please contact us preferably via email.

    Best regards,


  3. Natalie Robinson


    I’m Natalie and I’m the marketing and social networking person for http://www.boutiquetoyou.co.uk (an online gifts boutique). We‘ve really enjoyed reading your blog and love the style of your writing and we hoped you would be interested in doing an online review of a product from our lovely range of gifts, whether that be looking at something you like or something you think your children might.

    Boutique To You is a company that has been around over five years now and stocks over 1000 products. Currently we do an in-house blog but wanted someone without bias to give their thoughts for the benefit of our customers. Here is a link to our blog http://www.boutiquetoyou.co.uk/blog/unusual-gifts

    Please contact me via email if you’re interested. Thank you for your time.

    Kind Regards,

    Natalie Robinson

  4. Lisa

    Hi Jenny

    I wanted to let you know about Asda's new Little Angels baby food, which is now available in Asda stores nationwide.

    Affordable and wholly organic, our Little Angels food is available in 3 stages – Stage 1 for babies of 4-6 months, Stage 2 for 7 – 10 month olds, and Stage 3 for little ones over 10 months.

    The pouches are available in a range of mouth-watering flavours including chicken and mango curry, strawberry rice pudding, tomato and vegetable pasta, banana, pear and peach and banana porridge.

    Would you like me to send you some for Edward to try?

    1. jenny

      They sound delicious and we'd love to try them. Will send you an email.

  5. Nina

    Hello Jenny,
    I just discovered your site while undertaking promotional research and was particularly impressed by the quality of your site and furthermore by the relevance to the site Iā€™m looking to promote.
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    We would love to have you reviewed one of our products – please send me an email if you are interested too.


  6. Kate Hayden-Ellis


    After having my daughter last January I was thoroughly fed up with all the pink, pink, pink clothes in the shops so I decided to open up my own little online shop.

    Being an illustrator and designer I am drawn to bold, bright, fun colours and styles.

    I thought you might like to have a look around & spread the burp! word.



    p.s Love your blog

  7. Teresa Sheldon

    I have just discovered that I won a competition with you a few weeks back and that I’ve proberly lost it, I have been laid up in hospital for weeks as I suffer with ms, however I did get chance to check my emails and no email arrived informing me of my prize a little baffled and upset that I missed out on this nice prize

    1. jenny

      I think you are mistaken as there are no unclaimed prizes from competitions on my blog. Sorry to hear you have been ill.

  8. Lianne

    I was wondering if you accept guest posts on your blog? I am the owner of http://www.readyteddygo.co.uk and was thinking about writing a post something along the lines of why teddy bears are an important part in a childs development or why role playing is important in a childs development – what do you think? Email me if you are interested and we can discuss further.

  9. Thomas Freeman


    Please could you send over your advertising rates? My client is interested in links, blog posts, banners and social media promotion. Thank you for your time.


  10. Nectar

    London sounds fantastic! We’ve always wanted to open a store there. We make bath and body treats shaped like bakery sweets. Hopefully we can have one out there soon.


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