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Fun at the Beaver Bonanza

Today we all went along to the annual Beaver Bonanza. The theme was Space and last week Big Brother made a fun UFO themed costume at Beavers. There were loads of activities to do and Big Brother (and Little Sis!) spent the day visiting the stalls and learning about space.

The weather was amazing so it was a great way to tire them out! Big Brother had another go on the climbing wall.

There were some really fun team building exercises! We finished off our day with the Science Dome which was another great way to learn about space.

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Going on a hike with Beavers

I don’t normally want to go on a long walk on a Sunday morning. However, today was the day of the Beaver hike through Ruislip Woods.

Big Brother wasn’t too keen as it had been raining recently, but we all dressed up in wellies and coats.

Ruislip woods

We don’t usually visit Ruislip Woods so it was really nice to see different parts of it.

family selfie

The kids were really well behaved, although there might have been some bribery along the way. They were rewarded with the biggest muddiest puddles you have ever seen. I’m really hoping BB will get another Beaver badge for his collection too!

splashing in puddles

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New Beaver badges

Big Brother was excited to show us the new badges he was awarded at Beavers this evening.

Beaver badges

He got one Staged Activity badge for Time on the Water following his trip to Longridge at the weekend. He also got another Collector Activity badge as he took his badge blanket in to show everyone.

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